My name is Hannika Maria Christina Öberg and I was raised and born in Sweden, but moved to Spain after many years as a globetrotter. Three children later and 24 years older, I came back to Svedala and started a non-profit organization that works to highlight the voice of young people in the adult world. That organization is called Bbeabridge click here. During all the years both in Spain and Sweden, I have always been interested in personal development. I became very interested in Carl Jung and later in MasterMind expert and founder Napoleon Hill. I have arranged MasterMind courses since 2006 when I, after being trained by a Bob Proctor disciple for a couple of years.

…as an entrepreneur you can find what I call opportunities: You can listen to my Podcast chanel HERE


yes it is a long story but I am educated and have a teaching degree in English via Cambridge University and a teaching degree in Spanish via EOI, Drassanas. Barcelona. With over thirty years as a teacher, I feel very confident and happy to be able to give my students the shortest path to the language, largely because I am a trained DPP (Digital Pedagogical producer/project manager also called ED Tech). No one is fully trained in IT, but of course we learn more if we are constantly working on film production, podcasts, blogs, building websites and so on. You can click on different themes in the text if you would like to have my eyes on a theme or if you are looking for a mentor, coach or teacher.

To know is the key of being able to take wise decition about our future, here is a coarse about Crypto for Free. Press HERE

I´m a eCredit ambassador and love to help people understand alternative income. There are various forms to achieve that. Today we need mentors, rolemodels and abolish fear. The World is undergoing a big change. Be part of that future by Being the LifeStyle you want to see in the World. We have therefor created a New Plattform. Have a look, we welcome you as a member if you are interested. Press HERE